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Shandong to complete the building of “City’s Brain” in 16 cities in 2022

2022/3/7 16:33:51

According to a press conference held on March 4 by the Information Office of Shandong Province, Shandong Big Data Bureau will implement the action of “City’s Brain” building and improvement, and will fully complete the building of the “City’s Brain” by the end of this year in all the cities with municipal districts, to comprehensively support the digitalized governance and services in urban areas.

The community is the smallest unit of the city and the basic unit of people’s life. This year, Shandong Provincial Big Data Bureau will focus on dredging the “last kilometer” of smart facilities and services for the convenience of the people, plan and promote the development of about 1,200 smart communities across the province, and create a batch of smart communities with distinctive features in culture and education, elderly care services, entrepreneurial services, industrial development, green and low carbon life. By the end of the year, the coverage rate of smart communities in the province will exceed 20%.

Focusing on the key areas of concern for the people, such as education, medical care, employment, social security, medical insurance, culture, sports, elderly care, and social assistance, Shandong Provincial Big Data Bureau will work with relevant departments to accelerate smart campuses, smart hospitals, smart scenic spots, smart blocks, smart business districts, and smart parking lots, promote the creation of a number of digitalized application scenarios that are highly feasible, promotable, and recognized by the people.

In addition, Shandong Provincial Big Data Bureau will also accelerate the coordinated development of new smart city clusters in the province, and promote the creation of a number of cross-regional application scenarios within the provincial capital, as well as Jiaodong and Lunan economic circles.

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