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Remarkable Shandong | Changyu Wine leads industrial upgrading with digitization

2022/3/3 16:05:23

Located at 37 degrees north latitude, Yantai is one of the seven high-quality coastal cities of plating grape in the world. It is also the only international grape and wine city in Asia named by the InternationaI Organisation of Vine and Wine. In this land, large quantities of fine wine business thrive, and Changyu is one of them.

In 1892, China's modern patriotic overseas Chinese leader Zhang Bishi founded Changyu Company in Yantai, China’s Shandong Province, which opened the prelude to China's industrialized wine production. After more than 100 years of development, Changyu has become the largest wine producer in China and even Asia.

Now, as the leader of the traditional wine industry, Changyu is leading the industrial upgrading with digitalization as the engine, which is manifested by the wide variety of world-leading technologies in the Production Center of Changyu International Wine City, the largest wine monomer factory in the world. With a floor area of 270,000 square meters, the Production Center is equivalent to 38 standard 11-person football fields, but people can hardly be seen in its fully intelligent, automatic, efficient and precise workshop.

After years of information development, Changyu has basically realized the digital transformation of planting, production, marketing and management. Changyu also took the lead in building the world's first blockchain traceability platform for high-end wine with Tencent. By using the tamper-proof property of blockchain, the company initially realized the cochain traceability of the entire process information of 4 million bottles of wine every year.

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