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Remarkable Shandong | Caozhou Barbola, an art with more than 400 years of history

2022/3/2 17:42:38

Caozhou Barbola, an art transforming scraps of cloth into lifelike pictures of flowers, birds, beasts, insects, fishes, landscapes, and figures through the processes of copying, cutting, trimming, gluing, matching, etc., was listed into the third batch of Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage items in 2013.

The art of Caozhou Barbola has a history of more than 400 years, currently popular in Heze City, East China’s Shandong Province. Most of the barbola works are made of silk, damask, cotton, linen and various fabrics, integrating embroidery skills and the “piling embroidery” and “pasting embroidery” skills in the Tang Dynasty, and forming strong local characteristics of southwest Shandong.

Caozhou Barbola differs from other kinds of barbola arts in China in that the whole work is made of cloth and has a strong stereoscopic beauty; whereas many barbola arts elsewhere has only the key parts of the work made of cloth and other parts are painted.

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