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Remarkable Shandong | “Haiqing Tea” prospers on the path of brand development

2022/2/26 8:39:15

Located between 35°35′N and 36°08′N in warm temperate monsoon climate zone, Haiqing Town of Huangdao District, Qingdao City is endowed with unique natural conditions featuring four distinct seasons without extreme heat or cold, and has cultivated Haiqing Green Tea, a national agricultural brand.

As a China Geographical Indication product, Haiqing Tea features unique qualities thanks to favorable geographical and ecological environment. The tea leaves are rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, and the contents of catechin and amino acids are respectively 13.7% and 5.3% higher than that of similar products of southern tea.

Haiqing Town is the town with the largest area of tea fields north of the Yangtze River. Since the implementation of the “introducing tea from the South to the North” strategy in the 1960s, the town has developed 6 national pollution-free tea field bases and 5 organic tea field bases as well as more than 30 tea varieties of 12 major series, and applied for the registration of more than 40 tea trademarks, well deserving the title of the “source of northern tea”.

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