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Remarkable Shandong | Green turnip enriches a village in Weifang

2022/2/23 11:27:02   source:sdchina

Fuqiao Village, located in Luocheng Sub-district, Shouguang County-level City, is one of the main places of the production of green turnips in Weifang City of China’s Shandong Province. The “Fuqiao Turnip” is a representative of specialty products in Weifang, and has become a China Geographical Indication product in 2010.

The “Fuqiao Turnip”, having been planted for more than 200 years, was cultivated based on the selection, purification and rejuvenation of the green turnip, and is suitable for local natural conditions.

Currently, the “Fuqiao Turnip” has become popular, sold to Shenzhen, Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing and other parts of China boosted by e-commerce and short video platforms. Over the years, Fuqiao Village has explored a path to prosperity through planting turnips.

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