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Remarkable Shandong | “Wuwang Red” Tomatoes bring prosperity to farmers in Dongying

2022/2/23 9:12:36

Tomatoes are ripe for the market right now. In the planting greenhouses in Wuwang Village, Liuhu Town, Dongying City, China’s Shandong Province, Zhang Xiaosu and his wife are busy picking, weighing, sorting and packing tomatoes despite the cold weather outside. These tomatoes will be sold to major vegetable markets, supermarkets and restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

In 1992, farmers in Wuwang Village started planting tomatoes and developing vegetable industry. 30 years later, the “Wuwang Red” (Wuwanghong) Tomato produced by the small village that was once unknown has become a well-known brand recognized by nationwide dealers, bringing prosperity to local farmers.

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