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Remarkable Shandong|Baoshan Blueberry with an annual output value of 1.05 bln yuan

2022/2/22 15:00:09

The blueberry industry is an important part of the rural revitalization strategy of the West Coast New Area in Qingdao. The development of blueberry industry has effectively promoted the transformation and upgrading of local agriculture and the continuous increase of farmers’ income.

Baoshan Town in the West Coast New Area has pioneered the standardized cultivation of blueberry in Huangdao District and is the first national comprehensive standardized demonstration area of blueberry cultivation in Shandong province. Baoshan Blueberry is also the only blueberry product that has obtained the national geographic indication trademark.

In 2000, the first blueberry tree was planted in Jingou Village of Baoshan Town, opening the blueberry era of Qingdao’s West Coast New Area. After more than 20 years of development, Baoshan Blueberry has achieved standardized, large-scale and branding production and operation. A development pattern of “leading enterprises + professional cooperatives + large growers” has been formed.

At present, the the blueberry planting area in Qingdao’s West Coast New Area has reached 100,000 mu, with an annual output value of 1.05 billion yuan. It has been the largest blueberry large-scale planting base and industrialization base in China. An industrial chain integrating variety introduction, seedling breeding, planting, fruit processing and sales has been formed in the area, which directly drives the annual income of farmers to increase by 700 million yuan. In 2012, Huangdao Blueberry was rated as the geographical indication protected agricultural product by the Ministry of Agriculture, and in 2018, it was rated as a well-known regional public brand of agricultural product in Shandong Province.

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