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2000 provincial key projects nailed down in Shandong this year

2022/1/26 15:19:03

Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission has released a list of key projects in 2022. According to the Commission,a total of 1,400 provincial key projects will be added in 2022, with a total investment of 1 trillion yuan and an annual planned investment of 285.7 billion yuan. The list, together with the previous 600 key projects assigned by the provincial government, brings the number of provincial key projects in 2022 to 2,000 in Shandong, China.

The provincial key projects include the preferred project for the transformation of old and new driving forces, the key contract project of investment and talent attraction and the project for strengthening weak spots. A total of 700 projects, with a total investment of 508.9 billion yuan, will be selected to replace old growth drivers with new ones, focusing on the goals and tasks of the Action Plan for Breakthroughs in the High-quality Development of The Top 10 Industries, to upgrade industrial chains and supply chains, and to develop new forms and models of business in the frontier economy. The key contract projects of investment and talent attraction are mainly responsible for the implementation of major provincial investment promotion activities and the implementation of investment promotion activities at city and county-level. A total of 200 projects, with a total investment of 157.1 billion yuan, have been arranged for this aspect. A total of 500 projects with an investment of 332.5 billion yuan were arranged to strengthen the weak links, focusing on two tasks of ecological protection and new-type urbanization in the Yellow River Basin, and highlighting the five areas of weak links in ecological protection and restoration, comprehensive pollution control, municipal facilities, urban renewal, and public services.

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