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Shandong releases blue paper on rural revitalization

2022/1/21 11:49:39

The Blue Paper on China’s Rural Revitalization (2019-2020) and the Blue Paper on Shandong’s Rural Revitalization (2019-2020), jointly compiled by the Institute of Institute of Philosophy, CASS, Shandong Provincial Party School (Shandong Academy of Governance) and Shandong Rural Revitalization Research Center, were released recently.

China’s Blue Paper on Rural Revitalization (2019-2020) summarizes the achievements of the country’s rural revitalization strategy in industries, talents, culture, ecology and organizations, analyzes the difficulties faced by rural revitalization, and displayed the specific achievements and experience in the rural areas from various aspects.

Shandong’s Blue Paper on Rural Revitalization (2019-2020) summarizes the fruitful achievements of Shandong province made in the integration of rural industries, high-quality development of agriculture, and exploration of rural reform, makes a comprehensive study of rural revitalization policies, theories and practices in Shandong province, analyzes the challenges and problems faced by the province in rural revitalization, and put forwards relevant countermeasures and suggestions.

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