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Shandong plans to complete 270 billion yuan investment in transportation infrastructure in 2022

2022/1/13 15:45:32

On January 12, Shandong Province held a video conference on mobilizing the transportation project construction, and made arrangements for investment in transportation and key project construction in 2022.

According to the plan, in 2022, the province will complete 270 billion yuan investment in transportation infrastructure. Construction of three railway projects, including Jinan-Binzhou High-speed Railway, will be started; construction of two railway projects, Huangtai Interconnecting Railway and Jinan-Laiwu High-speed Railway, will be completed; the mileage of high-speed rail will reach 2,400 kilometers. Construction of 17 expressway projects will be started; 13 expressway projects under construction will be accelerated; the mileage of expressways in the province will exceed 7,800 kilometers. An inland water transportation network that connects rivers and seas, as well as a group of modernized airports on Shandong Peninsula, will be built.

According to the spirit of the conference, the province’s transportation system will adhere to the general principle of seeking improvement in stability, moderately advance the construction of transportation infrastructure, complete 270 billion yuan in investment, and strive to complete more.

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