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China’s first book copyright trading center settled in Shandong

2022/1/12 16:38:13

According to the Publicity Department of CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, recently, National Copyright Administration officially approved the establishment of the Taishan National Book Copyright Trading Center in the Taishan Press and Publishing Town, which is currently the only book copyright trading center in China.

According to reports, Taishan National Book Copyright Trading Center will provide services including copyright confirmation, registration, evaluation, promotion, transaction, copyright pledge financing, etc., through the operation model of “government-led, enterprise-based, diversified investment”, relying on book copyright resources, with property rights transaction as the core, and using the model of “copyright + service + rights protection + evaluation + technology”, to boost book publishing and intellectual property promotion, speed up the creation of well-known brands, and increase the volume and added value of book copyright transactions.

At present, the center has attracted more than 40 units, including China Press and Publishing Media Group, Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, and China Machine Press, to sign settle-in contracts.

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