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19-year-old girl records her mother's last days, moving many people

2021/11/27 19:02:40

Recently, a video posted by a netizen in Qingdao, China’s Shandong province, has gone viral online.

"Countless healing acupuncture treatments… Fortunately, I recorded our days. I love you even though we're apart." This is a message from the girl in the video to her mother, who has passed away.


The girl in the video, Liu Liwei, is 19 years old. She had been living with her mother since her parents divorced. Last year, Liu's mother underwent three craniotomies after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Eventually, her mother survived, but became an incapacitated semi-vegetative with the mental capacity of a two - or three-year-old and in dire need of rehabilitation.


After much deliberation, Liu decided to take a year off from college to take care of her mother. From then on, the 19-year-old Liu Liwei became the "head of the family" and was in charge of his mother's rehabilitation training. “I helped my mom with her rehabilitation training from March, when I took a break from college,” Liu Liwei said.

During the year of accompanying her mother, the girl recorded many videos for her mother. They became more optimistic and stronger. Just when she thought everything was getting better, the accident suddenly came. Her mother eventually left her after a seizure. “That night,” Liu Liwei said, “I signed a lot of critically ill notice.”


“Countless healing acupuncture treatments failed to keep her,” she said, choking up.

Despite her mother's death, her memories of being with her mother remain in her videos.



The story of the girl and her mother has struck a chord with many netizens:

"My mother died when I was 17. I tried everything but I couldn't save her."

"My mother got lithiasis, but she still registered me for a cold at the hospital regardless of her own pain."

“I was afraid that my mom would be sad to see the video of my father before he died, so I could only secretly watch it and cry on the bed.”

Parents are the people who love us most in the world. As we grow up, our parents are also getting older. Love them while you can and remember companionship is the best gift for them.

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