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Price of nucleic acid test in Shandong capped at 40 yuan per person

2021/11/25 10:52:48

The Health Care Security Administration of Shandong Province and Health Commission of Shandong Province issued a notice specifying that the price of Covid-19 nucleic acid test in public medical institutions at all levels in the province is the sum of the test fee and the actual price of nucleic acid test reagents purchased by medical institutions, and the maximum price shall not exceed 40 yuan each person per time.

According to the notice, the maximum price of test fee will be reduced to 30 yuan per time. Nucleic acid test reagents will continue to carry out the zero-margin policy according to the actual purchase price of medical institutions. The medical insurance payment standard is adjusted accordingly to the sum of the test fee of 30 yuan per person and the price of the test reagents purchased by medical institutions.

If the mixed nucleic acid test is carried out in accordance with the technical requirements and standards of the health department based on the epidemic situation, the price of the mixed nucleic acid test for 5 samples and 10 samples shall be 10 yuan per person, and no other fees such as test reagents fee shall be charged.

The notice will come into force on December 1, 2021 and be abolished automatically when the epidemic ends.

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