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Shandong’s 6 night cultural and tourist consumption clusters listed into China’s first batch

2021/11/22 16:44:42

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently announced the first batch of 120 national-level night cultural and tourist consumption clusters nationwide. Shandong Province has six clusters on the list, including the characteristic cultural block of the ancient city of Jinan, the Impressions Jinan Spring World, the ancient town of Jimo in Qingdao, the ancient town of Tai’erzhuang in Zaozhuang, the Nishan Sacredland in Qufu, Jining, and the Taishan Xiucheng old street in Tai'an.

The six clusters in Shandong selected this time feature a high degree of business agglomeration and high popularity in the province, with cultural business owners operating at night accounting for more than 40% of the total, and ranking among the best in the province in terms of mandatory indicators, such as the number of tourists received, revenue, and benefits.

In order to vigorously develop the night culture and tourism economy, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a circular in July, requiring to select and develop more than 200 national-level night cultural and tourist consumption clusters in batches, relying on existing blocks (including art blocks, theaters, museums, art galleries, cultural and entertainment venues), cultural, sports, business and tourist complexes, tourist attractions, and demonstration parks of cultural industry at the provincial level and above, with good development situation, high degree of agglomeration of culture and tourism, and active night consumer market.

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