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Shandong increases financial support for green, low-carbon and high-quality development of sci-tech industries

2021/11/17 15:58:27

Recently, Shandong issued the Implementation Opinions on the Green, Low-carbon and High-quality Development of the Sci-tech Industries.The Opinions stressed to further strengthen the policy setting and supply around the formation of a system for the output, application and industrialization of green technology achievements, so as to help improve the strength of scientific and technological innovation in Shandong Province and lead the green and low-carbon development of industries.

The policy will be implemented in a four-pronged manner, including supporting the supply of science and technology, fostering scientific and technological platforms and enterprises, increasing the supply of human resources and capital, and promoting the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements.

In terms of fostering scientific and technological platforms and enterprises, the province supports the high-quality construction of Shandong Energy Research Institute and the National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center, and encourages cities to subsidize green and low-carbon innovation and entrepreneurship communities. Small, medium and micro enterprises in the field integrated circuit and hydrogen energy and recognized as high-tech companies for the first time will be given a subsidy of 150,000 yuan each. At the same time, a maximum subsidy of 2 million yuan will be given to each enterprise according to such annual performance of each enterprise as the incubator carrier of sci-tech companies and cultivation of green and low-carbon high-tech enterprises.

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