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Shandong to invest 5 billion yuan in the development of the seawater desalination industry

2021/11/3 16:09:52

According to a press conference held on November 2 by the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government, Shandong Provincial Oceanic Administration has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shandong Finance Group and China Railway Construction Development Group, planning to establish a 5 billion yuan “Shandong Development Fund for the Desalination Industry” to support desalination projects, desalination industrial chain and the production of supporting facilities in the province.

Duan Jianwen, director of the Division of Marine Strategic Planning and Economy of the Shandong Provincial Oceanic Administration, said that Shandong will establish a provincial-level coordination mechanism for the development of the desalination industry, vigorously promote the large-scale application of desalination, strengthen scientific research and transformation of achievements, and improve the development policy and measures of the desalination industry.

Shandong Province will also promote the construction of Shandong Research Institute of Seawater Desalination and Comprehensive Utilization Industry, to improve the entire industry chain including seawater desalination technology research & development, material production, equipment manufacturing, and technology application; focus on solving technological bottlenecks, accelerating the independent R&D and industrialization demonstration of seawater desalination equipment and materials such as high-pressure pumps, energy recovery, and reverse osmosis membranes; and promote industrial upgrading and technological innovation, carrying out R&D of new seawater desalination processes and new technologies, and create conditions for the formation of competitive integrated technologies and independent equipment.

As an emerging marine industry, after years of exploration, development and practice, the desalination industry in Shandong Province has begun to take shape. Up to now, Shandong has completed 41 desalination projects with a production capacity of 450,900 tons per day.

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