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China’s market regulator strengthens supervision of medical beauty advertising

2021/11/3 14:48:31   source:Global Times

China’s market regulator issued a guideline for medical beauty advertising on Monday, aiming to further standardize and strengthen the supervision of medical beauty advertising.

The guideline issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation emphasized that medical beauty advertisements are medical advertisements and companies must obtain a license to practice as a medical institution in accordance with the law in order to publish or commission medical beauty advertisements.

The guideline also pointed out that advertisements preying on people’s “appearance anxiety” or inappropriately associating certain judgments with appearance and promoting the effectiveness of treatment or making guaranteed promises about the safety and efficacy of treatments will be seriously regulated.

The guide targets a total of nine scenarios that violate regulations, which came after false promotions and advertisements in the industry have caused a series of detrimental cases, including damage to people’s health.

Official data showed that 71 cases of false promotion in the field of medical beauty have been investigated and handled from January to September in 2021, with fines totaling 3.55 million yuan ($560,000) being handed out.

There are more than 30,000 medical and beauty institutions in China, but the number of doctors holding qualified certificates is less than 5,000, reported on Thursday.

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