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Shandong to build more than 50 new-type data centers during the 14th Five-year Plan period

2021/10/22 16:56:55

Recently, the “Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Collaborative Innovation System of Integrated Big Data Centers in Shandong Province” was issued recently by seven departments including Shandong Provincial Big Data Bureau and the Cyberspace Administration of Shandong Province, specifying that during the 14th Five-year Plan period (2021-2025), Shandong will build more than 50 new-type data centers, deploy a batch of low-latency and agile edge data centers, link more than 250 million IoT terminals of all kinds, and initially build a national-leading provincial node of integrated big data centers and a national demonstration zone of industrial big data center system development.

To improve the industrial big data center system, Shandong will build a network of industrial big data centers covering 41 major industries in the province, forming a new “national-provincial-peripheral” pattern, contributing to an increase in the province's digital economy of more than 100 billion yuan every year.

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