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2021 Shandong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week kicks off

2021/10/20 15:14:56

The 2021 Shandong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week was inaugurated in Jining, China’s Shandong province on Oct. 19, 2021. Zhou Naixiang, deputy secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and acting Governor of Shandong Province attended the launching ceremony and announced the launch of the event.

After the launch ceremony, Zhou Naixiang visited the special booth of Innovation Valley in Jining High-tech Zone and had an in-depth exchange with exhibitors to learn about the construction of public service institutions for entrepreneurship and innovation and the development of high-tech industries such as high-end equipment, new medicine, new materials and digital industry. He stressed that Shandong should put the focus on building Shandong into a province powerful in science and technology and education, take innovation as the primary driving force of development, lay out innovation chains around industrial chains, build innovation chains around innovation chains, guide enterprises to build research and development platforms, increase investment in research and development, strengthen openness and innovation, promote the efficient allocation of resources and factors of production, and provide a solid guarantee for more non-governmental entities to engage in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The 2021 Shandong Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week will last till Oct. 25. During the event, keynote speeches, forums, competitions, signing ceremonies and other activities will be held to showcase the achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, boost confidence in innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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