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Shandong Business Hub makes its debut at 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum

2021/10/19 16:48:12

The 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum kicked off in Xi’an, China’s Shannxi province on Oct. 18, 2021. In order to further integrate into the new development pattern of dual circulation and create a new platform for international cooperation of “Belt and Road”countries, Shandong Business Hub was present at the 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum. As a highlight of the 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum, the Economic and Trade Cooperation Expo was held at the same time. The main pavilion of Shandong Business Hub covers an area of 300 square meters, including exhibition areas for Shandong Business Hub, International Hub, and representative enterprises. On the afternoon of October 18, four cities of Zaozhuang, Weifang, Weihai and Binzhou introduced their cities at the exhibition.

Since its establishment more than a year ago, Shandong Business Hub has adhered to the concept of "openness, co-construction and sharing", comprehensively displayed the development achievements and opportunities of cities in Shandong province and the cooperation between east and west cities, and built an open exchange platform, a service platform of “investment attraction and talent introduction", and a platform for urban culture and brand promotion.

The launch of Shandong Business Hub at the 2021 Euro-Asia Economic Forum will not only further enhance the popularity of the business hub, but also enhance the radiation and driving role of the business hub to areas along the Yellow River basin.

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