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Shandong Event of 2021 China Cyber-security Week kicks off

2021/10/11 15:14:15

Shandong Event of 2021 China Cyber-security Week was launched on the afternoon of Oct. 11, 2021 in Yantai, China’s Shandong province. This year’s China Cyber-security Week takes “Cyber security for the people, cyber security by the people” as its theme.

The Cyber Security Initiative was released at the opening ceremony, marking the opening of the 2021 China Cyber-security Week in Shandong Province. At the launch ceremony, representatives from all walks of life in Shandong province who are committed to maintaining cyber security jointly read the Cyber Security Initiative, mobilizing the public to pay attention to and jointly maintain cyber security.

On the same day, the highly anticipated Shandong Cyber Security Expo was also unveiled in Yantai. Covering an area of 1,500 square meters, the expo will display General Secretary Xi Jinping important speeches on cyber security, an overview of the cyber security work in Shandong and the latest cyber security products and technological achievements of Shandong enterprises, so as to popularize cyber security knowledge and skills, enhance the national awareness of cyber security, and create a social atmosphere that attaches importance to cyber security.

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