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Shandong's first smart expressway opens to traffic

2021/9/30 16:09:10

On September 29, the Tai'an to Zaozhuang section of the Beijing-Taipei Expressway was officially opened to traffic, as the reconstruction and expansion of the section, undertaken by Shandong Hi-Speed Group, was completed. This is the first fully opened “reconstruction and expansion + smart expressway” pilot project in China, and the first smart expressway pilot project in Shandong province.

The Tai'an to Zaozhuang section of the Beijing-Taipei Expressway is one of the seven radiation lines from Beijing of the national expressway network, and is the main traffic artery that runs north-south through Shandong province, with a total length of 189 km and an estimated investment of 26.4 billion yuan.

Through the integration of advanced technology and innovative applications, the project on this section has built the country’s first “group-level” cloud control platform of smart expressway with independent intellectual property rights.

The opening of the section will further enhance the interconnection of the road networks of Shandong province and Jiangsu province and strengthen the industrial and economic ties between the provincial capital economic circle of Shandong and the southern Shandong economic circle, and is thus of great significance to promoting the implementation of internal advantages of the two economic circles and building up the overall competitiveness.

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