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12 counties in Shandong on the list of 2021 China's Top 100 Counties in Comprehensive Strength

2021/9/22 16:49:50

Recently, the “2021 China’s Top 100 Counties in Comprehensive Strength” list was released, which objectively reflects the development of the comprehensive strength of counties across the county.

The list adopts the network-wide data analysis from July 16, 2020 to July 15, 2021, setting multiple dimensions of network data evaluation and 120 keyword tags. More than 100 million pieces of objective information were collected throughout the process, from data obtained from the Internet and mobile Internet.

19 provinces have counties on the list, topped by Jiangsu province, with 21 counties on the list, Zhejiang province, with 17, and Shandong province, with 12.

The 12 counties in Shandong province on the list are Longkou county-level city of Yantai, Feicheng county-level city of Tai’an, Rongcheng county-level city of Weihai, Lanshan district of Linyi, Laizhou county-level city of Yantai, Linzi district of Zibo, Qingzhou county-level city of Weifang, Wendeng district of Weihai, Tengzhou county-level city of Zaozhuang, Xintai county-level city of Tai’an, Licheng district of Jinan, and Jimo district of Qingdao.

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