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Beijing's relaxed travel rules could mean 600 mln trips during festival: observers

2021/9/13 9:43:00   source:Global Times

Travelers during National Day holidays are expected to make 600 million trips after Beijing restarts cross-provincial travel on Friday.

By dropping restrictions on cross-provincial travel, Beijing has stimulated the travel market, and market watchers predict that travelers during this year’s National Day holiday may make more than 600 million trips.

Bookings of flights to Beijing on online travel platform doubled between 7 am to 10 am on Friday compared to a day before, after the capital city dropped restrictions on cross-provincial travel.

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said starting from Friday, Beijing will allow its travel agencies and online travel companies to book inter-provincial travel trips.

Lan Xiang, data research director of Qunar predicted that the number of passengers transported by Beijing's civil aviation on Friday may exceed 200,000, which is an increase of more than 15 percent from the previous day.

“This year's National Day holiday tourism market has started to accelerate,” he said.

Last year's National Day holidays were linked to the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the number of passenger trips transported by civil aviation during the 8-day holiday reached 13.26 million.

It is expected that the 7-day aviation market during the National Day holidays this year will continue its hot momentum. The peak passenger traffic volume in a single day may exceed that of last year, and the total volume is expected to exceed that of the National Day holidays in 2019, he added.

According to qunar data, travel demand that has been suppressed since the summer is expected to be released during the National Day holidays, and the overall travel volume of the 7-day Golden Week is expected to be close to last year's 8-day holidays with more than 600 million passenger trips.

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