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Foreign reporters stunned by “Shengquan Method” of recycling waste materials

2021/9/9 15:02:21

The Foreign Media Tour of International Conference on Food Loss and Waste visited Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co. Ltd. (Shengquan Group) on the morning of Sept. 9 and had a close look at the "Shengquan Method" integrated green straw refinery technology.

As a leader in the global biorefinery industry, Shengquan Group, after 40 years of efforts, has innovated and developed the integrated green straw refinery technology, which solves the global problem of high-efficiency separation of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin in straw. The cellulose can be used to produce paper pulp, dissolved pulp for fiber, nanocellulose, fuel ethanol, etc. Hemicellulose can be used in the production of furfural, xylose and L-arabinose. Highly active lignin is a great material for the production of asphalt emulsifier, dye dispersant, degradable plastic bags, woody gum resin, military aviation kerosene and so on, while Residual ash can be used to produce organic potash fertilizer to turn straw waste into treasure.

This integrated green straw refinery technology is world leading. At present, Shengquan Group is the only one in the world with this technology. With this technology, Shengquan Group has applied for 245 invention patents, of which 109 have been authorized. "Shengquan Method" integrated green straw refinery technology has provided the original innovation advantage for the development of moulded products of paper pulp and degradable plastics of Shengquan Group.

“The development of "Shengquan Method" integrated green straw refinery technology is significant. As new projects using the technology are launched, it will bring great economic and social benefits,” said a head of Shengquan Group.

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