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Shandong proposes to build a batch of 10 billion-yuan green and innovative industrial clusters

2021/9/1 15:51:33

Recently, Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and Shandong Provincial Department of Education jointly issued the Implementation Opinions on Green, Low-carbon and High-quality Development of Industries Driven by Science and Technology, to fully promote the strategy for achieving carbon peak and neutrality goals. It is proposed in the Opinions that by 2023, a batch of independent and controllable domestic advanced green technology products should be created, an array of internationally competitive innovation-oriented leading enterprises should be cultivated, and a group of green innovative industrial clusters with a scale of 10 billion yuan should be formed.

The Opinions aims to lead the green, low-carbon, ecological and intelligent development of industries and will follow the main line of implementing the innovation-driven development strategy and promoting high-quality economic and social development, to actively integrate into the strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, strengthen the supply of green and low-carbon key technologies, perfect the system for innovative platforms, pool more high-caliber talents, and expand the team of technology-based enterprises and cluster of characteristic and innovative industries.

According to the Opinions, Shandong will release the Sci-tech Innovation Action Plan on Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality (2021-2030) to build a provincial system of green and low-carbon technology innovation and win the commanding heights of carbon peak and neutrality technologies. To this end, the province will select about 200 high-tech enterprises in the green and low-carbon field that master core technologies to support their growth into innovative leaders with one policy for each enterprise. Introduction and cultivation plan of high-tech enterprises in high-tech zones will be implemented in Shandong to newly add about 1000 high-tech enterprises in the high-tech zones around green and low-carbon industries every year. The province will also step up efforts in increasing the proportion of prize awarding and project layout in the fields of new-generation information technology, biological medicine and high-end equipment and implementing one-vote veto on technology achievements that are energy intensive and highly polluting.

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