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Shandong cashes 2.3 billion yuan in adjustment fund for major pollutant emissions in 2020

2021/8/26 16:10:30

According to Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, in order to promote ecological progress, Shandong has recently cashed 2.321 billion yuan to cities in the province in the adjustment fund for major pollutant emissions in 2020, for cities to fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and control.

In 2019, Shandong established the collecting and returning mechanism of the adjustment fund for major pollutant emissions, charging cities in Eastern Shandong, Central Shandong, Western Shandong according to the standards of 800 yuan / ton, 600 yuan / ton, and 400 yuan / ton respectively, and returning the collected fund to cities according to their emissions of 4 major pollutants, namely chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides, and their completion of emission reduction tasks. The fund will be returned by 60% to cities that have completed all the annual emission reduction tasks, and the return rate will increase by 5 percentage points for every 1 percentage point over-fulfilled, in order cost the polluters more and benefit the protectors more, and fully mobilize cities to promote ecological progress.

Since the implementation of the policy, the provincial department of finance has cashed a total of 7.28 billion yuan in the adjustment fund for major pollutant emissions, which has contributed to a substantial reduction in total pollutant emissions and effectively improved the capabilities of pollution control.

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