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Shandong issues 17.44 bln people-benefiting and farmer-benefiting subsidies in first 7 months

2021/8/25 11:34:03

According to Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, from January to July this year, Shandong issued 17.44 billion yuan worth of subsidies to benefit the people and the farmers through the “all-in-one passbook”, a year-on-year increase of 17.9%, involving 72 subsidy items, benefiting 41.12 million people.

Among these, 7.505 billion yuan was issued in subsidy for the protection of arable land fertility, a rate of 96.5%; a total of 55,578,500 mu (3705,233 ha.) of wheat planting area was subsidized, which strongly supported the grain production in the province.

991 million yuan, 1.427 billion yuan, 3.776 billion yuan, 760 million yuan and 799 million yuan were issued respectively in the nursing and living subsidy funds for the disabled, basic living assistance support funds for the decentralized care services for people in extreme poverty in rural areas, minimum subsistence funds in rural areas, funds awarding and aiding part of rural families practicing birth control, and pensions of pensioners, a year-on-year growth of 91.4%, 86.1%, 60.4%, 36.4%, 24.8% respectively.

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