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Average life expectancy in Shandong to reach about 80 years by 2025

2021/8/20 11:42:38

The Health Commission of Shandong Province held a press conference Thursday to introduce the 14th Five-Year Plan for the Hygiene and Health Work in Shandong Province and interpret the 42 tasks in 11 aspects proposed by the policy in the new period.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the average life expectancy in Shandong province increased from 78 years in 2015 to 79.13 years in 2020, and the mortality rate of pregnant and birth-giving women decreased from 13.04 to 8.63 per 100,000. The infant mortality rate fell from 4.77 per thousand to 3.71 per thousand, and the mortality rate of children under 5 years old from 6.03 per thousand to 4.57 per thousand.

According to the news briefing, Shandong will continue to improve health indicators during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. It is clearly stated in the Plan that by 2025, the average life expectancy of Shandong province will reach about 80 years, the health literacy level of residents will reach more than 30%, the mortality rate of pregnant and birth-giving women, infant mortality rate and mortality rate of children under 5 years old will decrease by 8.2 per 100,000, 3.3‰ and 4.0‰ respectively.

The Plan also specifies that Shandong will strive to build 4-5 national-level regional medical centers in specialized categories. To be specific, it will improve comprehensive and specialized provincial regional medical centers, foster high-quality medical resource clusters relying on provincial-level regional medical centers, improve the overall diagnosis and treatment capacity of the province, and reduce cross-provincial and cross-regional medical treatments.

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