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Jinan to accelerate the cultivation of 10 high-end industries and actively develop digital economy

2021/7/26 16:53:45

On the morning of July 26, the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’ s Government held the Jinan special session of “A Moderate Prosperity Society in All Respects, Shandong on the March” series of press conferences. Wang Hongzhi, member of the standing committee of Jinan municipal Party committee , said that Jinan will unswervingly promote the great improvement of the city’s industrial energy level through great industrial development, and continuously enhance the city’s comprehensive strength, core competitiveness and economic radiation ability.

According to Wang, last year, Jinan topped China’s major cities in the growth rate of industrial added value, and industry contributed 44.2% to Jinan’s economic growth, which is the “biggest contributor” to the city’s entry into the “trillion club”.

Wang said that Jinan will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of the “four pillars” industries, accelerate the cultivation of ten high-end industries such as aerospace and commercial low-orbit satellite networking, and cultivate new advantages in industrial competitiveness; it will give priority of “Investment and Talents Attraction”, improve the level of market-oriented investment attraction, and attract more high-quality projects for greater stamina in industrial development; it will consolidate the foundation for future development, actively develop digital economy, focus on breakthroughs in ten frontier industries such as quantum technology, aviation information, and gene editing, and strive to turn the industrial “ballast” to the “hard core” of the real economy, and create new success in Jinan's industry.

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