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Beijing opens high-tech cinema featuring red movies for CPC centenary

2021/7/7 10:50:39   source:Global Times

The Museum of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has opened its own high-tech red cinema in Beijing, featuring the blockbuster 1921 as its first movie on Saturday.

Located in the underground space on the west side of the museum, the cinema serves as a supporting facility for the museum, a new landmark in Beijing that opened to the public in June.

The cinema was built by China Film Corporation, taking up more than 13,000 square meters of space with a total of 21 theaters.

The cinema is also equipped with 100 special LED screens, and screenings will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.

It has two special "red-themed" theaters for the screening of red classic movies all year round.

1921, a movie celebrating the centenary of the CPC has been made into a new CINITY version, the premiere of which was held inside the cinema.

CINITY is China's self-developed high-end film projection technology, a state-owned film brand with independent intellectual property rights.

Construction of the CPC museum finished in May 2021. Located in the central area of the Olympic Forest Park in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the museum opened to the public on June 18.

The museum is a site for permanent exhibitions about the Party's history.

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