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Shandong provincial finance raises 280 million yuan for TCM development

2021/5/26 12:52:55

According to the provincial finance department, this year, Shandong provincial finance will raise 280 million yuan, focusing on the improvement of TCM service capacity and talent construction to support the implementation of five TCM projects and build a development highland of Shandong’s TCM.

Shandong will put emphasis on supporting and promoting the prevention and treatment of special diseases with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine as requested. In this regard, the province will launch a diagnosis and treatment program with integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine for 11 diseases, including the prevention and treatment of adolescent vision, giving full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and establish a new model of clinical collaboration between traditional Chinese and western medicine.

Shandong will support the establishment of TCM specialty clusters in the province and select a batch of advantageous TCM majors to create the TCM specialty brand featuring outstanding clinical effects, evident characteristics, prominent innovative capacity and strong radiation effects via the mode of cluster construction.

Part of the provincial finance will be used to support the inheritance of excellent Qilu TCM academic schools, select a batch of TCM medical schools and academic groups with regional Qilu characteristics, build Qilu TCM inheritance workshops, train talents for TCM inheritance, and carry out the exploration, promotion and sorting of TCM technologies.

The province will also allocate money to support the standardized training of TCM residents, and subsidize TCM residents at the provincial level by 40,000 yuan per person per year.

In addition, the province will make efforts to build a leading role in the development of TCM at the provincial level, implement the policy of preferential investment in capital construction, equipment purchase, and development of key disciplines of public TCM hospitals at the provincial level, and support the improvement of TCM service capacity.

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