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NDRC sends delegation to Qingdao to investigate the cold chain logistics development

2021/4/6 15:52:14

Recently, a delegation of the Economic and Trade Division of National Development and Reform Commission kicked off an investigation tour in Qingdao and held a symposium to promote the high-quality development of cold chain logistics.

Cold chain logistics concerns both agricultural production and consumer’s table. It plays an important role in building a new development pattern, promoting rural revitalization, and meeting the demands of the domestic market and people’s needs for a better life.

The national outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan proposes to build a modern logistics system, speed up the development of cold chain logistics, improve the facilities of national logistics hubs and backbone cold chain logistics bases, and enhance the construction of facilities for storage and preservation and cold chain logistics of agricultural products.

The purpose of the visit is pretty clear, which is to have a thorough understanding of the development of the local cold chain logistics and its main problems existing, listen to the opinions and suggestions of relevant departments, and study and formulate a development plan of cold chain logistics during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

Why did they choose Qingdao? Qingdao has high-level production base and export processing base of facility agriculture, scale agriculture and characteristic agriculture, and it is a large agricultural production city and the largest agricultural export city in China, with the amount of agricultural export accounting for 8% of the country’s total and covering more than 140 countries and regions.

With the continuous growth of output, demand and turnover of fresh agricultural products, the development level of the cold chain logistics industry in Qingdao has been significantly improved. In the construction list of the first batch of 17 national backbone cold chain bases announced by the National Development and Reform Commission last year, Qingdao, relying on the West Coast New Area National Cold Chain Logistics Base, was successfully included in the list as the only city selected among the candidate cities.

As a port city, Qingdao is of unique advantages in developing cold chain logistics. This year’s government report clearly proposes to speed up the construction of North China (Qingdao) International Aquatic and Cold Chain Logistics Base and other projects. Qingdao’s Outline of the Five-Year Plan proposes to accelerate the development of cold chain logistics and other business forms, expand logistics related services, and implement the construction project of cold chain logistics system for agricultural products.

Energized by the national top level, Qingdao is ushering in an unprecedented period of development opportunities in cold chain logistics industry.

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