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Shandong increases financial support for new R&D organizations

2021/4/1 14:47:00

According to Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, from the first quarter of this year, Shandong will grant 2 million yuan and 1 million yuan respectively to new R&D organizations whose introduced personnel has been selected as national leading talents or young talents.

150,000 yuan will be granted in subsidies to the new R&D organizations who have signed labor contracts for over 3 years with postdocs from the top 200 universities in the world, the top 100 universities and research institutes in the natural index ranking, and “double tops” universities in China.

Besides, a one-time subsidy of 1 million yuan will be granted to the new R&D organizations rated as excellent in the performance assessment in 2020. A one-award of 10 million yuan will be granted to those successfully listed as national platforms for innovation.

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