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Targeted poverty alleviation in Shandong stimulates endogenous motivation for development

2021/3/10 16:13:17

On the afternoon of March 8, the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People’s Government held a press conference to brief on Shandong’s progress in poverty alleviation, relocation of residence in the Yellow River beach area, and rural revitalization.

According to Cui Jianhai, director of Shandong Poverty Alleviation and Development Office, after 5 years of relentless efforts, all the poor people registered in the national poverty alleviation information network system in Shandong province have been lifted out of poverty, the number of poor people living below the provincial standard has been reduced by 2.516 million, 8,654 villages have got rid of the title of “key villages for the work of poverty alleviation”, marking a full victory in Shandong’s fight against poverty.

The development capacity of the poor in Shandong has been significantly enhanced. Adhering to the integration of “blood transfusion” and “blood-making”, Shandong has been guiding the poor to get rid of poverty through industrial development and employment, with a total of 19.3 billion yuan of special fiscal funds for poverty alleviation having been invested at all levels, 12.2 billion yuan of social and other funds attracted, 25,600 industrial poverty alleviation projects implemented, and the income of an average of 1.19 million poor people increased annually.

In terms of consumption-based poverty alleviation, Shandong has identified 10 categories and 2,531 products of poverty alleviation, with the trading volume of poverty alleviation reaching 10.04 billion yuan.

In terms of employment-based poverty alleviation, a total of 442,000 poor laborers have been trained for free, and more than 400,000 poor people are employed each year. The 3,437 poverty alleviation workshops have employed a total of 71,000 poor people.

Targeted poverty alleviation has fully stimulated the poor people’ endogenous motivation for development and significantly enhanced their awareness of getting rid of poverty on their own initiative and by their own efforts. In the past five years, the per capita net income of the poor in the province has been increasing at an annual growth rate of 22.6%, significantly higher than the growth rate of the province’s rural population. The sense of happiness of the poor has been greatly improved.

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