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Shandong to increase financial support for pandemic prevention and control in winter and spring

2021/2/25 14:32:03

According to Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, Shandong has allocated a total of 667 million yuan at provincial level to support the comprehensive prevention and control of the pandemic in winter and spring, to effectively consolidate the results of previous efforts.

A pre-allocated fund of 219 million yuan will be used for the expenditure on nucleic acid testing for key groups of people conducted by the medical and health institutions under provincial administration, including the expenses of reagents and supplies, to ensure that “all those in need are tested”.

434 million yuan was pre-allocated through advance payment for the province’s centralized purchasing of COVID-19 vaccines to meet key-group people’s urgent need of vaccination, to ensure that “all those in need are vaccinated”.

13.5 million yuan was urgently allocated to support the capability improvement of virus tracing and testing, to provide technical support for pandemic prevention and control.

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