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Consumer market in Shandong vibrant during the Spring Festival

2021/2/18 16:26:31

According to the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, during the Spring Festival this year, the consumer market in Shandong province has been prosperous and vibrant. The sales of the 505 monitored retail companies in the province reached 4.402 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40.12%. The sales of the 11 monitored categories of commodities all achieved positive growth.

Commodities for basic life continued to play a stabilizing role in consumption. Sales of foods, beverages, and tobacco and alcohol products increased by 15.63%, 32.69%, 62.95% respectively. Sales of clothing, shoes and hats, and knitted textile products increased by 116.25%, 75.59%, and 22.43% respectively. Bulk consumption also witnessed remarkable results, with automobile sales increasing by 65.28%, and sales of household appliances and audio equipment by 39.35%.

According to the official of the Department of Commerce, during the Spring Festival this year, Shandong launched a series of activities to stimulate domestic demand and boost consumption through a combination of online and offline methods. Starting form January 20, the “Shandong Consumption Year · Online Shopping Spree” has organized 39,200 online live broadcasts, attracting 129,393,900 viewers, and realized online retail sales of 32.234 billion yuan.

In order to guarantee supply, promote consumption, and benefit people’s livelihood, during the Spring Festival, Shandong province put into market 8,750 tons of meat reserve and 15,500 tons of vegetables reserve. Data show that the prices of grain, oil, poultry and eggs in the province have been stable during the Spring Festival holiday. The wholesale price of food, edible oil, chicken, and eggs monitored on February 17 were 4.84 yuan/kg, 14.52 yuan/kg, 14 yuan/kg, and yuan/kg respectively. The price drop was within 1% compared with February 10.

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