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Xiao Nian Festival kicks off an anti-virus preparation for Chinese New Year

2021/2/5 17:12:48   source:CGTN

The Xiao Nian Festival, or Little New Year Festival, on Thursday jumpstarts Chinese New Year preparations across China. The festival includes some traditions and customs that must be tended to before the Spring Festival next week.

Falling on the 23rd day of the last lunar month in north China or the 24th day in south China, the festival usually sees Chinese making thorough renovations of themselves and their houses and buying all the necessary items for the New Year celebration.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year, the prologue of the Spring Festival called for some changes following preventative measures.

Chinese New Year customs see some changes

Traditionally, the Chinese "sweep the dust" on the Xiao Nian Festival. It is believed that cleaning the house can sweep away the bad luck of the past year and welcome the arrival of good luck in the New Year.

To ward off coronavirus, everyone can use 75 percent alcohol to wipe doorknobs, light switches and water taps. It is also necessary to use detergents to disinfect clothes, furniture and the floor.

Getting a haircut before the Chinese New Year is also an ancient tradition. The combination of a good haircut and new clothes is always a better choice to meet relatives and friends when exchanging greetings during the festival.

But when you intend to go to a hair salon, remember to book it in advance to avoid crowds and save time. Indoors, it is advised to keep the one-meter safety distance from others, and wear your mask even when the hairdresser serves you.

Shopping Chinese New Year goods online

The Xiao Nian Festival is the high time to buy Chinese New Year goods. In the past, markets would be full of customers, but this would raise the risk of spreading the virus. So Chinese e-commerce platforms kicked off a one-month-long "2021 Online Chinese New Year's Goods Festival" for the convenience of everyone, and they also offer discounts.

As authorities across the country call on people to "stay where they are during the Spring Festival," some people are unable to reunite with their family members, so some intend to spend a simple festival with simple food. As a result, instant food and semi-finished food are among the most popular goods on e-commerce platforms, according to data from the platforms.

Trending song 

On Chinese social media, the topics related to preventing the spread of the pandemic also get much attention. From media to individual internet users, many shared preventive measures and showed resolution in complying with them.

An adaptation of "Listen to Mom" from popular singer Jay Chou earned applause. In the song, the country is the mother, and only by obeying COVID-19 preventive rules can we protect the mother country.

"The song has the power of healing," said a user of Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter. "Hope we all can work together against the pandemic, and let the pandemic end soon and the world return to normal." 

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