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Shandong sends its first special train for market procurement trade

2021/1/14 16:50:18

On January 12, 41 tickets of export goods in the trading mode of marketing purchase were transported from Yantai of China to Kazakhstan by “Qilu” China-Europe Freight Train (Yantai-Shemeyi), which marks the first special train for market procurement trade in Shandong province.

A total of 82 containers, with a total value of 4.07 million US dollars, including clothing, handbags, earphones and mobile phone stands, were shipped out of the Alataw Pass.

To better serve the development of China-Europe freight train, Yantai Customs guides enterprises to simplify the variety and quantity of goods in single declaration, exempt part of the data in the declaration, and allows the integrated customs clearance mode, which helps to further expand the coverage of simplified declaration, simplify the declaration content, and reduce the time of customs clearance and logistics cost.

At the same time, Yantai Customs also simplifies the declaration information and attaches documents to improve and ensure the speed and efficiency of customs clearance of the freight train.

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