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70% rural areas in Shandong to get clean heating

2021/1/11 16:13:40

According to the provincial housing and urban-rural development department, this year, Shandong will make greater efforts to promote the construction of clean heating, promote the extension of clean heating to cities without heating pipes, and greatly increase the coverage of clean heating, to ensure that the clean heating such as replacing coal with gas and electricity in rural areas reaches 70%.

Shandong will continue to carry out the 3-year action on cleaning heating safety remediation and other actions to comprehensively and thoroughly rectify the potential safety risks in facilities’ installation, pipeline and wiring protection and operation, and to ensure that people enjoy a warm and safe winter.

In recent years, Shandong has required all regions to promote clean heating according to local conditions. In 2020, the province added 78.17 million square meters of central heating area in cities (counties), and completed clean heating renovations in rural areas such as replacing coal with gas and electricity, for 2.164 million households.

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