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Shandong spends over 20% of its general public budget on education for 8 consecutive years

2020/11/19 16:28:29

As shown in statistics recently announced by the Ministry of Education, National Statistics Bureau and the Ministry of Finance, in 2019, Shandong's education expenditure  in general public budget totaled 215.5 billion yuan, accounting for 20.1% of the province's general public budget expenditures, ranking first among all provinces in China. Since 2012, the proportion of education expenditure of Shandong province has remained above 20% and topped the country for eight consecutive years.

According to Shandong Provincial Department of Finance, financial departments of all levels in Shandong has long been taking education as a priority, intensifying input to improve education guarantee mechanism, and ensuring “two ever-increasings”: ever-increasing education expenditure in general public budget, and ever-increasing education expenditure in general public budget based on the average number of students in school.

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