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Shandong makes orderly progress in ecological restoration of Yellow River basin

2020/9/25 14:29:09

On the morning of September 25th, the Information Office of Shandong Provincial Government held a press conference to introduce the promotion of ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin in Shandong province.

Sun Laibin, deputy director of the Shandong Development and Reform Commission, said Shandong has been attaching great importance to the protection and development of the area along the Yellow River and have made positive progress.

The ecological functions of the natural protected areas in the Yellow River basin have been steadily improved. There are 90 natural protected areas of various levels and types in the area along the Yellow River, including 84 at or above the provincial level, with a total area of 740,000 hectares. The Yellow River Delta National Nature Reserve has been included in the list of wetlands of international importance, with a total area of 113,000 hectares, accounting for 74% of the reserve area, and 265 species of birds in total. It is the most complete and youngest preserved wetland ecosystem in China's warm temperate zone.

The ecological restoration of the Yellow River Basin is also progressing in an orderly manner. The province has been carrying out ecological restoration projects in the Yellow River basin, such as control of soil salinization, environmental governance in mine areas, returning the land to wetland, desertification control, biodiversity protection, and forestation of tidal flat wetland. 72% of the total investment in Mount Tai ecological protection pilot project of its mountain, forest, field, lake and grass has been completed, and the construction of ecological pattern of "one mountain and two rivers, two regions and a line" has been accelerated.

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