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Beijing implements security inspection system at hospitals

2020/7/3 10:20:08   source:CGTN

A new security inspection system entered force at hospitals in Beijing on July 1.

Safety checks are conducted at the entrance to hospitals or key areas, restricted or hazardous items are banned, and security personnel will keep a special watch on patients with a history of disorderly conduct in hospitals.

"If they don't cooperate with us at the security checkpoint, or bring in prohibited good like restricted knives, we will prohibit them from entering and if they force their way into the hospital, we will call the police to deal with them," said Li Deling, associate dean at Beijing Chaoyang Hospital.

Patient-on-doctor violence has been a serious problem in China for years. A recent survey by Dingxiang Yuan, an online platform for health professionals, reported 85 percent of doctors saying they have experienced a violent incident at work.

From 2009 to 2018, there were 295 attacks on medical staff on the Chinese mainland, injuring 362 professionals and killing 24.

At the beginning of the year, Tao Yong, head of ophthalmology at Chaoyang Hospital, was attacked by a dissatisfied patient. Tao has turned to live-streaming lectures to the public, because his injuries made performing delicate surgeries impossible. Under new safety measures, medical workers can press an alarm button to summon police and security guards in case of potential risks.

"A hospital is a public place for physicians to practice. It is the joint responsibility of the hospital and police to ensure safety and order in such public places," said Chen Yong, chairman of the Beijing NPC Supervision and Justice Committee.

From widespread patient mistrust of doctors and stretched resources at hospitals to lax security standards at health centers and light punishments handed to many offenders, netizens have expressed their opinions on the regulations. Some commented that "educating a doctor takes so much time and resources, but a knife is all that's needed to ruin one."

The doctor-patient relationship may not be improved immediately, but authorities hope the new policy in Beijing will at least help to avert future tragedies.

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