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COVID-19 vaccines from China: Two more products passed phase II trial

2020/6/30 8:54:16   source:CGTN

Screenshot from Sinopharm

Two COVID-19 vaccine candidates created by China have passed phase II clinical trial and reached almost perfect results.

The creator of the vaccines, China National Biotec Group (CNBG), announced the second candidate's success on Monday through the WeChat official channel.

The previous success was announced on June 16.

Both candidates helped volunteers generate COVID-19 antibody after two shots.

The difference between the two lies in the time window between the two shots. The earlier one requires a 28-day window, while the newly-announced one can also live with a 21-day window.

Though both vaccines belong to CNBG, they were created by different branches of the company. One is from Wuhan and the other Beijing.

More details about the difference between the two vaccines were not revealed yet.

After the success of phase II trials, CNBG moved on to launch the phase III tests – which will allow a vaccine into the market if it succeeds.

The phase III trials have started on June 23 in three places simultaneously: Wuhan, Beijing, and the UAE capital Abu Dhabi.

Screenshot from Sinopharm

It's possible that the vaccines can be sold in markets by September.

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