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2019 “Experiencing China in Dynamic Shandong” concludes

2019/11/11 17:31:36

The 2019 “Experiencing China in Dynamic Shandong” wrapped up on Nov. 10 in Weifang, Shandong Province. In the two-day trip in Jinan and Weifang, over one hundred international students had a close look at Shandong’s brilliant achievements of economic and social development. On Nov. 9, the international students visited Sinotruck, Jinan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for International High-caliber Talents, and Weichai Group.

Nouman from Pakistan was stunted by the visit in Sinotruck. “It’s my first visit to Sinotruk, but I know Sinotruck is world-famous. Today I saw their many high-tech products. I hope Sinotruck can increase investment in Pakistan and develop better cooperative relation with Pakistan,” he said.

In Jinan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for International High-caliber Talents, the international students were captivated by the intelligent robots here. “It’s amazing! Robots are not very common in Brazil. Today I learned a lot about robotics. The development of robot technology is really quick in China,” said Qu Cheng, a student from Brail.

In the afternoon, the international students came to Weichai Group in Weifang to take a look at the unique and innovative development road of the company. As one of the leading automobile and equipment manufacturing companies in China, Weichai Group has realized the high-quality development and become the core force to propel China to a manufacturing power.

The international students went to Shouguang Vegetable High-tech Demonstration Park in Weifang on the morning of Nov. 10 to explore the modern agricultural technology of Weifang and its extraordinary achievements in agricultural development. “How beautiful and amazing this place is! They integrate vegetables and fruits into some landscapes. This will surely attract many children to visit here and also can make kids like to eat vegetables more,” said Filipino student Cai Enping.

Since 2015, the 2019 “Experiencing China” activity has been held for four consecutive sessions, with the participation of a total of more than 16,000 international students, which has effectively boosted the publicity work of all provinces in China.

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