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Shandong to boost rural tourism with “hollow village”

2019/8/22 17:10:10

Shandong provincial government convened a special meeting to discuss construction of beautiful villages on August 21, 2019. In order to better promote the construction of beautiful villages and development of rural tourism, Shandong will intensify intellectual support on and accelerate talent introduction for rural tourism.

According to the meeting, the province will introduce more versatile, skilled and applied talents in fields of travelling planning, management, marketing and tour guide at home and abroad, guide all kinds of talents such as college students returned college students, returned migrant workers, professional talents in arts, youth entrepreneurship team, famous university professor, cultural and creative talents, inheritor of intangible cultural heritage and rural craftsman to devote themselves to the rural development.

Shandong will strengthen the protection and utilization of ancient villages, rural cultural relics and traditional culture. There are many ancient villages in Shandong Province. The province will speed up the cultivation of a number of famous tourist villages, relying on the national key rural tourism villages, national historical and cultural villages, eminent people in history, ancient blocks in rural areas, and ancient buildings. Shandong plans to select a batch of “hollow villages” like Zhuquan Village, which is a famous rural tourism destination in Yinan County. This kind of village features green hills, clear water and distinct cultural symbol; the province will also strengthen protection and utilization of rural relics such as stone carvings, tablet inscriptions of famous people, ancient bridges and agricultural relics; the province will build a batch of folklore museums, rural museums, historic exhibition centers and folk tourism villages; at the same time, Shandong will cultivate a number of inheritors of intangible cultural heritages, rural craftsmen and cultural artists in fields such as traditional opera, folklore performances, traditional handicraft, film and television shoot, and painting.

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