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Yantai innovates to integrate cultural and tourism development

2019/7/30 14:12:33

The all-media interview activity focusing on the new development of cultural and tourism integration in Yantai concluded on July 26, 2019. In four days, over 30 media outlets from home and abroad had a close look at Yantai and showcased the city's profound cultural deposits and rich tourism resources in nearly two hundred reports with pictures and videos.

From Yangma Island all the way west, there are pearl-like scenic spots inlaid on the thousands of miles of golden coastline such as the lavender flower sea, North China Sea Park, Haichang fisherman's wharf, the pier, Moon Bay, Mount Yantai, and Penglai Pavilion, which form the irreproducible "coastal wonderland, fresh Yantai" together with rural tourism and leisure resorts, tourist towns and wineries.

Yantai is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Hyun jin yi, from South Korea, who has just arrived in China only a few days had already visited Penglai Pavilion and Sanxian Mountain. "Before coming to China, I had searched on the internet about scenic spots in Yantai and had a special liking for Penglai Pavilion. After visiting it, I think it is the place where gods live. I have taken a lot of pictures, but the real scenery is much more beautiful." she said.

Yantai is famous for its fairyland-like coast, where the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea meet. As a renowned tourist city in China, it is rich in tourism resources such as mountains, sea, islands, springs and rivers, and characteristic cultural deposits.

Changdao Island, known as the fairy mountain on the sea, enjoys an excellent ecological environment and picturesque natural scenery. Its offshore water quality and air quality meet national standards of category I and II respectively, and is the "museum" of marine species and "barometer" of marine environment in China.

In June, 2018, Shandong approved the establishment of Changdao Comprehensive Pilot Zone for Marine Ecological Civilization. In order to protect the green waters and mountains, Changdao has been pushing forward the comprehensive ecological renovation and the construction of a "blue ecological island".

Relying on the seven coastal tourism resorts, Yantai has fostered four national demonstration bases of recreational fishery, nine provincial sea fishing fields as well as 23 national and provincial sea ranching demonstration zones. At the same time, over ten sea travel routes have been launched including the night travel of Zhifu Bay, round tour of Kongtong Island and Changdao Island.

Abundant in historical culture, revolutionary culture and modern culture, Yantai vigorously promotes the high-quality development of the integration of culture and tourism and is building Yantai into a city with cultural connotation and cultural warmth. "We have innovatively held the first civic culture festival, international coastal life festival and the annual meeting of Chinese cultural museum, so that tourists cannot only enjoy the sea and seafood in Yantai but also experience the unique charm of Jiaodong culture." said Zhai Mingjiang, vice director general of Yantai culture and tourism bureau.

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