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Eurasian journalists kick off tour of Shandong

2019/7/1 16:09:08

More than 20 press officials and journalists from Asian and European countries kicked off their tour of Shandong in Jinan on July 1. The activity is jointly hosted by China International Publishing Group and the Information Office of Shandong Provincial People's Government. Press officials and journalists from countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Lebanon, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Iraq will visit the cities of Jinan, Zibo, Weifang and Qingdao in six days to have a close look at the province's long history, rich culture, unique customs and the new achievements Shandong has made in the construction of a strong modern province in the new era.

The group arrived at Jinan Mingfu Town on July 1 to explore the historical and cultural charm of Jinan, the city of springs.

Jinan Mingfu Town, first built in 1371 (the fourth year of Ming Emperor Hong Wu's reign), has a history of over 600 years. It is the core area of the Characteristic Zone of the City of Springs. More than one hundred springs hidden in the courtyards of residences create a landscape of spring water flowing through yards and willow trees surrounding every house.

They first arrived at Baihua Pool, where the making of sugar figurines attracted their attention. Having watched the creative process, the members of the delegation were amazed at the master's skills and some of them tried to make one by themselves.

In Quanshui Study, the delegation watched the spring water theme woodblock printing, visited the Confucian six arts rubbing experience space, and experienced woodblock printing to feel the ingenuity of the ancients and learn about the evolution of culture in Jinan.

At a direct spring-water drinking point, members of the delegation bent down to taste the spring water. "Very tasty!" A foreign journalist gave a thumbs up for Jinan's spring water.

In Traditional Craft Workstation, they visited "Rabbit King" Yang Feng's studio, where they learned about the history of the "Rabbit King". As the most famous rabbit in Jinan, the "Rabbit King" was first worshiped as the rabbit god but then neglected. Today, it returns as an intangible cultural heritage, adding more elements to the spring water and becoming the symbol of traditional culture in Jinan.

"I think Jinan is very beautiful. I hope more people will come to Jinan to explore the charm of the city, " said Lina•Baalbaki, an editor with Lebanese AI-Nidaa Magazine.

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