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Zhang Ruimin interprets the new Confucian entrepreneurship

2018/9/29 14:50:07

The Conference of Great Business Partners (CGBP) kicked off on September 29 in Jinan, capital of east China's Shandong province. At the opening ceremony, Zhang Ruimin, chairman and CEO of Haier, explained his understanding of the new Confucian entrepreneurship in his speech.

As one of the five speakers at the opening ceremony, Zhang Ruimin stressed that four Chinese characters will summarize the core of the new Confucian entrepreneurship, namely, Neisheng Waiwang, indicating that Confucian enterprises should reinforce their inner strength in a bid to compete in the international market.

He said the concept of Neisheng Waiwang is consistent with the connotation of Confucian philosophy. As the birthplace of Confucianism, enterprises of Shandong province are going to achieve greater success in the new era.

When talking about the major project of the shift of growth drivers, Zhang stressed the great significance of the Internet of things to enterprises' development. He believed that it is no longer the era of product brands but the era of ecological brands with the boom of the Internet of things. The key to success of an enterprise will no longer depend on one single product or brand but a complete system for the Internet of things.

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