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Qi Jige: Shandong enters a new stage of economic engine transition

2017/9/28 16:56:28

Qi Jige, a journalist with Macau Monthly。

“I am so glad to be invited to take part in the coverage activity. My grandfather was born and grew up in Shandong. It’s really nice to go back to my hometown,” said Qi Jige, a journalist with Macau Monthly.

The special report on “seek new development with new economic engines”was held in Shandong from September 11 to 15, 2017. A delegation of both Chinese and foreign media conducted an on-site coverage in cities including Jinan, Liaocheng, Jining, Linyi and Rizhao.

Qi Jige was surprised to see plant straw being processed into high-value-added products in Jinan Shengquan Group. “I have never thought plant straw could be turned into wealth,”he said in amazement. Shengquan, an innovative enterprise focusing on the research & development and utilization of all types of plant straw, makes 100 percent use of hemicellulose, lignin and cellulose, with one ton of plant straw generating one ton of high value-added products.

“I noticed that Shandong enterprises are constantly making innovation,” Qi said, “I have heard of graphene but never see it. Today I got to know that graphene has been widely used in physics, materials science, electronic information, computers and aerospace.”

Continuous innovation has made Dong’e Ejiao continuously distinguished and dynamic. Dong’e Ejiao, as a major donkey-hide gelatin producer, has not only developed new products such as health care products, ejiao oat milk and formula particles but also high-tech genetic drugs.

“Ejiao tastes good. It is really beyond my imagination that the making of it has to undergo 99 procedures,”said Qi Jige. Regarding quality as the life of the company, Dong’e Ejiao has found out a way with the strategy of success through quality. Today, Dong'e Ejiao has become an industry leader and standard maker in the donkey-hide gelatin industry.

“Through the five-day interview, I got a new understanding of Shandong and its enterprises. Traditional industries gain steady development while new industries are thriving in Shandong,” Qi Jige told “Shandong is entering a new stage of economic engine transition,” he added.

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